This Week on Norby: Tuesday, December 7, 2021

This Week on Norby: Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Join Miles Marketing for “My top 3 marketing tips for small businesses”, an informative webinar. Today 12/7 @ 3:30PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Hey Sis World and Norby for Planning Your Bigger Purpose, an IG Live for an intentional goal setting workshop for the new year. Today 12/7 @ 4:30PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

EVRYMAN presents Global Community Call with special guest Rick Miller, where you will discuss learning from your relationship with your mother. Today 12/7 @ 8PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

EVRYMAN presents GBTQ DIG with Cator Sparks. Join Cator in a space created for all men of the GBTQ+ community. (Gay, Bi, Trans, Questioning) Drop in to your experience and your identity to discuss what it means to you, and learn from others going through their own journey. Wednesday 12/8 @ 1PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Bulletin for Brains Behind the Brand with @justgestco, an IG Live to discuss all things entrepreneurship, skin issues, wellness, aging, dietary supplements, and more. Wednesday 12/8 @ 3PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Breathe, Rise + Thrive presents Breathbreak, a class intended for busy professionals looking for something to slot in between meetings and / or meals. Wednesday 12/8 @ 3PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Hoo for 6 Pack Laughs, a live comedy workout. Wednesday 12/8 @ 3PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

TheFutureParty + Safe & Sound Studios present: Extensions, an exclusive and intimate gathering to bring musicians and industry professionals together featuring sounds by Dwai. Thursday 12/9 @ 8PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

EVRYMAN presents BIPOC Drop In Group – join Ceasar F Barajas, Andrew Cheung, and Lawrence Gibson in their BIPOC drop in group to slow down, connect, and get embodied! Friday 12/10 @ 3PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Adele Tetangco for In Todo’s BIPOC Marketplace, a space bringing visibility to the craft of BIPOC makers in our communities. Saturday 12/11 – Sunday 12/12. SIGN UP HERE.


Claudia Vera
Claudia Vera

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