December 21, 2021
Norby V1.0.8-e1de517
  • Added ability to create custom gradient backgrounds in the Appearance section
  • Alpha Inbox access enabled for first batch of users
  • Added ability to create image blocks with transparent formatting
  • Added ability to preview font styles before selection
  • Added ability for individual font styling for header and paragraphs
  • Account-wide settings, usage, and billing info have all been combined in the new Account section in the menu in the bottom left

November 29, 2021
Norby V1.0.7-4abe411
  • Added Adroll and Facebook Pixel integrations
  • Redesigned and expanded Page Analytics — includes location and referrer breakdown
  • Added Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, and Bandcamp social icons to profiles

November 12, 2021
Norby V1.0.6-efc60d6
  • Added ‘Podcast’ option to the onboarding flow (How did you hear about Norby?)
  • Added “TEST” marker to the subject line for test emails
  • Enhanced insights and outreach features with audience targeting and tracking integrations via Adroll and Facebook insights
  • Added warning notification for cases when the label for landing pages is changed. Informs user that a change will require updated links, otherwise they will be broken.

October 28, 2021
Norby V1.0.5-11bcfa0
  • Added ability to send test SMS and email confirmations for events and sign ups
  • Added ability to sent test event start notifications
  • Added ability to send test newsletters before sending them to newsletter sign up lists
  • Added inbox icon to lefthand sidebar of the dashboard to request early access to the onmichannel inbox
  • Added copy on changing Norby plan, updating payment method, and viewing billing history in the Stripe portal via the Billing section of the dashboard
  • Optimized drop shadow controls in appearance settings
  • Added support for Trinidad and Tobago (+1868)
  • Enhanced landing page analytics views
September 30, 2021
Norby V1.0.4-12a279c
  • Added ability to see at a glance whether a registrant for an event or signup is muted for texts/emails at a glance via Analytics
  • Added ability to add background images to header blocks
  • Redesign of the bottom footer
  • Font settings moved to a new section in the Appearance section titled "Fonts" -- this section allows you to change font styles and sizes as well as body/paragraph size
  • On the brand tier, added ability to customize your favicon (which appears in the browser toolbar on the dashboard) in the appearance section under Basic
  • New appearance feature: Themes! Gives the ability to swipe through a gallery of preset appearance settings and apply a theme to your Norby page/s
  • Added ability to see link clicks in registration confirmation notifications and event start notifications
September 16, 2021
Norby V1.0.3-37edd34
  • "Video" content block has been renamed to "Embed" content block
  • Redesign of the lefthand side of the Dashboard with added tooltips
  • Redesign of button styles that allows for lowercase text on buttons
  • Added ability to hover over the Content and Account sections of the dashboard and navigate to different sections
  • Removal of the Create button in the lower righthand corner of the Content section(s) of Dashboard
  • Addition of "+ New" button in the upper righthand corner of each content section (events, signups, newsletters, links, landing pages) to create new content
  • Added ability for configurable Spacer and Social Icons blocks
  • Added ability to adjust the style/appearance of secondary buttons (Add to Calendar buttons on events & Share buttons on newsletter cards/detail pages)
  • Added ability to segment and filter campaign sends based on people's answers to any custom fields in event/signup registration flows
  • Extended analytics for specific users in the Analytics section of the Dashboard
  • Added ability to set end times/deadlines for event and signup registration
August 31, 2021
Norby V1.0.2-07196c8
  • Added ability to mute/unmute SMS and email delivery to specific users who have registered for events and signups
  • Added ability to override the mute feature and deliver SMS and email to users who have registered for events and signups -- regardless of whether they were previously muted or not
August 26, 2021
Norby V1.0.1-58735BC
  • Redesign of the Appearance section with new appearance features including drop shadows, border widths, and border radiuses
  • “Pages” now appears as “Landing Pages” across the platform
  • Options to show or hide title/pronouns/bio/location added to Profile block
  • Updated Usage section under Account to display SMS, MMS, and Email usage over the current billing period
  • Option to remove Norby branding on Landing Pages and in email/SMS campaigns or notifications for users on the Brand tier
  • Option for users to reactivate accounts by adding a payment method after trial period ends via the Account section
  • Added visibility into individual link clicks in email and SMS campaign analytics
  • Added support for Patreon, Discord, and Pinterest as social links
  • Link analytics improvements showing link clicks over time as well as non-anonymous users who have clicked on links
  • Added ability to view link analytics over custom date ranges
  • Added visibility into link clicks in Newsletters
  • Added billing estimates for email and SMS/MMS usage in the Account section
  • Added support for India (+91) phone numbers
  • Rename tabs in the Link editing flow to “Details” and “Theme”
  • Renamed "Basic" and "Display" tabs in the content editing flow to "Details" and "Theme"
  • Links, events, signups, and newsletters can be individually styled with their own border width, border color, background color, text color, and drop shadow settings in the Theme tab when editing
August 13, 2021
Norby v1.0-0800105
  • Improved the custom font import flow and added support for web-optimized .woff and .woff2 font files
  • Improved change tracking in the Appearance and Profile editors
  • Added Medium, Github, and Dribbble as supported social platforms you can add to your profile
  • Added ability to click a contact and edit their details
  • Descriptive tooltips over buttons and new button/dashboard appearance on mobile devices
  • Streamlined dashboard layout with new quick action buttons, explainers, and tooltips as well as improved responsiveness across screen sizes
  • Improved desktop and tablet button layout in the content sections of the dashboard as well as in the event, signup, newsletter, and campaign editing flows
  • Revamped search UI and added contacts to search results
  • Improved UI for search results includes both content and contacts results
  • Buttons that are hidden/visible upon hovering with a mouse on a desktop are now always visible on mobile and tablet
  • Added the ability to add your pronouns to your profile
  • Added support for more than 10 team members for customers on the Brand plan
  • Added support for Israel, China, and Hong Kong phone numbers
  • Added a new account-wide settings section to the account menu in the bottom left corner
  • Added ability to select team members to send test email campaigns to
  • Made it easier to send test email and SMS campaigns
  • Added MMS usage to Usage tab under Account/Billing