7 questions with Officially Very Gay duo, Grayson & Grey

7 questions with Officially Very Gay duo, Grayson & Grey

Get to know Grayson (he/they) & Grey (she/they/he), the iconic duo behind @officiallyverygay. You can check out their Norby here!

What do you do? ✨

We are both musicians + multimedia artists.

What are your main social media accounts? 📲




What's in your orbit that you won't shut up about? 🌟

Hmmmm, I think for us we are having a lot of fun with layering funky pieces of jewelry and keeping our eye out for cute brands making dope shit. Some that come to mind are Mondo Mondo, Chloe Keene, Buggy Beads, and Pura Utz! We also have our T masc uniforms in full swing so we are never done talking about our white tank tops in the mail - giving you 90’s Stanley Tucci in his Levi’s all day everyday damn near. Also we really love talking about space and special things that are outside of ourselves, big believers in magic. ✨

Where do you find community? 🤝

TikTok is our biggest community, we find so so so much chosen family there. By default I feel like we find community constantly and community finds us. There is someone apart of everyone we know who has now become apart of us!

Tell us about a mistake that you've made and what you learned! 📝

GREY: I think mine has been that I constantly make myself small and it’s so stupid. You wouldn’t realize I’m making myself small but if people could see me like I know myself they’d maybe think otherwise. My ancestors didn’t back my existence and support me all this way for me to act like I’m not made of something, ya know. I’ve learned from those mistakes where I’ve taken whatever was handed to me or been treated any kind of way that I’m going to have to grow into these shoes whether I’m comfortable or not and move. You don’t go anywhere by standing still. My time on this planet isn’t for the faint of heart and I’m committed to, or at least I’m trying to be committed to evolving constantly.

GRAYSON: I think I’m in a place right now where I’m making a lot of mistakes. So I can’t pinpoint a specific one, but maybe a general theme of learning to detach from my own hurt, and ego. It’s probably a lifelong effort, but when I can successfully do so (at least for a moment) I can actually discern what I’m feeling.

Best advice vs. worst advice you've ever received? 🌼

GREY: Best advice is to trust my gut and the worst advice…I don’t think I’ve been given bad advice other than people telling me not to dream big.

GRAYSON: The best advice I’ve received is that whatever you create, there is room for it. Because the creation exists - the room exists. The worst advice I’ve received, is to doubt your doubts. Grey always tells me to question everything.

How do you define success? 🥇

GREY: I think for me success is when I’m sitting with our family one day on our plot of land, our little piece of the world, watching the currents in our stream. My definition of success begins and ends with land, sovereignty, and aid to those I love.

GRAYSON:  I’d echo my wife here.

Name 5 must-haves for your creator starter pack! 🎒

  1. Intentions
  2. Chosen family
  3. Norby
  4. Natural light
  5. A vision

Show us your work space! 🤳🏻


Team Norby
Team Norby

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