Community Newsletter – No. 23

Community Newsletter – No. 23

Hey Norby Community,

Umm... hello September?! We're not sure how it's already fall but nonetheless looking forward to pumpkin spice-flavored everything – and we've got some really exciting plans in the works that we can't wait to tell you about in the coming weeks.

If you’re new around here, welcome! We’ll pop into your inbox every few weeks with a mix of product updates, announcements, tips and tricks, helpful resources, and interesting articles.

Now, let’s dive in!

🤹 How to Norby is HERE!! 🎞️

We're so excited to launch How to Norby on our new YouTube channel today! Watch out for tutorials, guides, and tips on how to use Norby to build your brand and grow your business. We'll be dropping a video every month – check out our first one below and of course remember to smash that subscribe button 😉 If there are particular use cases or how tos you'd love to see an episode on, just reply here and let us know!

How To Norby

✨ A Whole New World 🌎

Log into your Norby dashboard today and you'll notice we've made some big changes. We've overhauled our navigation and slimmed down the lefthand side menu to make it easier to explore while keeping the focus on your content. You'll also notice a bunch of small changes we've made throughout our content editors to streamline the experience – let us know what you think of the changes!

🔪 Slice & Dice 🗡️

You can now segment email and SMS campaigns based on people's answers to custom form fields when they sign up for events or complete signup flows. For example, if you create a signup to get a text when your merch shop launches and add a custom registration field asking people what merch they're interested in, you can now send a message just to the people who picked "shoes" – or anything else!

We've also added the ability to mute individual users in different segments – so if you want to send a text or email blast to everyone who signed up for an event but exclude specific people, you can easily do so (and just as easily unmute them when you want them to start receiving messages again).

🔭 Finding Your Follower Flow 🌊

You can now see extended analytics for individual users in the Analytics section of your dashboard. Just click to expand a given user and tap the More button to view a graph of their activity over time as well as all of the individual data points that make up their user journey.

🎠 Carousel Ride 🎠

You can now add multiple featured images to any event, signup, or image block. If you add multiple featured images to an event, signup, or image block, they'll appear in a carousel that users can tap through in corresponding blocks and pages.

🌌 Need Some Social Space 🪐

We've made spacer and social icons blocks configurable, which means every block in the Norby page editor is now fully customizable! Set spacer blocks to take up different amounts of space and configure social icons blocks to show different subsets of your connected social accounts – the world is your oyster!

🔆 Buttoned 🆙

You can now adjust the styling of secondary buttons in your theme in addition to primary buttons. Secondary button styles are used in a handful of places like the Add to Calendar or Donate buttons your followers see after signing up for an event or for the share button on newsletters. (As a quick reminder, the primary button styles are the ones used for all of your main CTAs – buy a ticket, sign up, register, etc.)

🔜 Ending Soon... 🔚

We’ve had a ton of requests to be able to set registration deadlines for events, ticket purchases, and signups – and as of this week you can! You can use registration deadlines and capacity settings to take control of your lists, create exclusive experiences, or build hype for a launch!

🤳 Norby Crew

Say hi to a few of the newest members of our community!

  • Female Startup Club – A community for female entrepreneurs to connect and grow. Think of them as your hype girl ⭐️ Check out their latest podcast episode here!
  • BKTH – A Brooklyn-based family-owned gym dedicated to connecting its community through strength and conditioning and Olympic weightlifting 🏋️ Meet their coaches here!
  • Tiffany Steger – Tiffany is an entrepreneur who helps creatives build their businesses and go from scattered to streamlined ⏩
  • Sarah Hartless – Sarah is a personal and professional development coach, momtrepreneur, and creative ✨
  • Doula Nona – Cris is a parent leader with expertise in birth and care work who offers parenting and birth tips, resources, and more 👩‍👦‍👦
  • Rabia Subhani – Rabia is a licensed psychologist and certified mindfulness teacher who offers courses, resources, and community to parents with neurodiverse children 💟
  • Heather Farrington – Heather is an artist and web comic writer 🎨 Check out her web comic here!

🤓 What we’re reading, listening to and talking about 📰

‘Til next time,

Sam, Nick, and Steve


Sam Safer Valentine
Sam Safer Valentine

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