Creator Highlight: LANI HALLIDAY

Creator Highlight: LANI HALLIDAY

Meet Lani Halliday, the founder and owner of Brutus Bakeshop. To celebrate her short film release and her upcoming Pop-Up event, we asked Lani 3 questions about her community, brand genesis, and interests. Be sure to VISIT LANI HALLIDAY'S NORBY to explore her site, RSVP to her short film preview, and sign up for updates!

In 3 words, how would you describe your content/brand?

Loving, Empowering, Inclusive

We know this is a loaded question and we love to hear about everyone's journeys so we must ask, how did you end up doing what you do? How does your background relate to where you're at today if at all?

I really pursued my dreams inside of the industry because it’s where I landed. I grew up poor/working class without a lot of guidance on how to use my talents to make something of myself. I found this industry to (mostly) be a place where I could steadily support myself and as I’ve grown into all things "Brutus", I’ve created opportunities to mold my experience into an outlet for creativity and community.

We want to know what you’ve been lovin’ lately (maybe it’s a song, or a book, or even a color) so tell us, what are two things that have been in your orbit?

I’ve been loving Marjon Carlos’ work - her ‘Your Favorite Auntie’ content is truly the moment. I also love IG comedians @jazmynjw and @heytonytv. Tony’s “school administrator” series is pure gold that lays me flat. I also love all of the good work happening over at @drivechangenyc.

The most exciting thing in my orbit right now is my short film ‘Loxley’. We’re having a community preview screening at @pioneerworks on Sept 12 as part of their Second Sundays programming. Link in my Norby bio to RSVP, naturally.


Claudia Vera
Claudia Vera

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