Creator Highlight: POTHOS BEAUTY

Creator Highlight: POTHOS BEAUTY

Meet Diamond Hawkins, the founder and CEO of Pothos Beauty. To celebrate Pothos Beauty going LIVE on August 17th, we asked Diamond 3 questions about their community, brand genesis, and interests. Be sure to visit Pothos Beauty's Norby to explore their site and sign up for updates!

In 3 words, how would you describe your brand/community?

Inclusive, Artistic, Social-Impact

We know this is a loaded question and we love to hear about everyone's journeys so we must ask, how did you end up doing what you do? How does your background relate to where you're at today if at all?

I love this question! So I have a bit of a multi-faceted background that has led me to build Pothos Beauty. First, let's think about what Pothos Beauty is exactly. In short, you can consider us to be an inclusive beauty and wellness marketplace, media company, and tech-enabled platform. I say this because it is important to understand how I landed here.

Prior to building Pothos Beauty, I held a variety of roles. From being a childhood model to being a film and celeb makeup artist! I am also an abstract acrylic artist who works in Data at Microsoft because it fascinates me!

I started building Pothos Beauty because I wanted to see a change in the beauty industry. As a makeup artist, I remember running to many stores to get the products I needed before being on set, to make sure any client who left my seat would feel beautiful and included. I also hated sending them to many places to get the beauty and wellness products they needed... simply because they come from diverse racial backgrounds. I also knew somehow, someway I would make a change in the industry, and drive real meaning to it.

Thats when I created Pothos Beauty! I wanted to create a space for brands and people from many walks of life. I wanted to build spaces and experiences that really care about humans. Additionally, my love for tech could not be forgotten. I love the opportunities technology has afforded me. From meeting new people, building new communities and changing the world! I dedicate my life and work to showcasing and highlighting this magical world we live in.

These have all led me to creating a brand that is dedicated to not only creating a social commerce concept, but building the celebration and connection of inclusive spaces. This expands far past beauty products... because beauty is far more than that. Beauty is art, beauty is music, beauty is existence and experience. Pothos Beauty is "where inclusivity is beauty."

We want to know what you’ve been lovin’ lately (maybe it’s a song, or a book, or even a color) so tell us, what are two things that have been in your orbit?

There's so many things! Currently, I have been loving my life more than ever.

I am really blown away by my resilience and tenacity. I have had one of the most life altering, difficult, yet rewarding years of my life. I am very much in love with myself and my abilities. I don't give up and my dreams are a reality now and there's so much to come.

Another things that is in my orbit that I am loving: I am about to finish the book, "7 levels of Intimacy" by Matthew Kelly. I have been slowly reading it for about 8 months now simply because it is soooo good!! Very sad that it is ending. I highly recommend it, it really helps you see yourself and the relationships you are building.


Claudia Vera
Claudia Vera

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