Digital Download: Nanolearning – The Secret to Landing Paid Content Deals

Digital Download: Nanolearning – The Secret to Landing Paid Content Deals

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ICYMI, we partnered with Terry Rice (Business Development Consult) for our Creators Who Share program, where Terry taught us how to make money from your creative work, regardless of audience size!

Questions create content 🙋

Terry knows that educating your audience is the foundation of Nanolearning. The best way to create educational
content is to answer common or high-impact questions. Here are a few prompts to get you started:

  1. What questions do people constantly ask you about in comments or your DMs?
  2. What topics do you love explaining to people in your audience?
  3. What are some common mistakesyou can help people avoid?

The proof is in the (content) pudding 🍮

Brands buy based on outcomes, not promises. With this in mind, increase your chances of getting a yes - and develop a repeatable process – by creating a few sample pieces of content. When drafting a script in advance, or at least bullet points, consider the following questions:

  • Why is this topic important?
  • What should you do?

You can use B-roll footage if you don’t want to be on camera the whole time – resources like Pexels offers free B-roll content that you can easily download! You can then quickly edit your videos using tools such as Descript, Adobe Rush or InShot.

In order to score those paid partnerships, Terry has created an amazing worksheet that will guide you through important questions to ask yourself about your audience, potential partner goals, and partnership pitches. Click here to download it for yourself! 🌟

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Claudia Vera
Claudia Vera

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