Drop It Like It's Hot – Thursday April 7, 2022

Drop It Like It's Hot – Thursday April 7, 2022

Hey Norby Community,

We've got some big news in store for you in the coming weeks 🤩 and some exciting enhancements to your dashboard, inbox, and contacts to share in this release.  Make sure to read on for the deets!

Let’s get into it!

👯‍♂️ ADDitional Information 📓

We’ve been hard at work adding more power and functionality to our CRM features:

  • Excited to note (pun intended) that you can now add notes to all your contacts! This gives you the ability to do things like leave information about your relationship, note the last time you connected, detail how engaged they are... anything you might need to remember about that member of your community.
  • You can now add and view tags in the Contacts explorer as well as in the Inbox and in search results. You can also add tags for many contacts at the same time in CSV imports.
  • You can also edit names and emails, add an avatar, or delete specific contacts if you are looking to keep info tidy. However, be mindful that deleting a contact will also delete their messaging and interaction history!

❣️ New Norby Tiers & Pricing Coming Soon  🆕

In a couple weeks, we’re taking the wraps off some new Norby plans and pricing tiers 👀 🎉 so be on the lookout for that. If you're already a customer 🤝 and you are on our current pricing plans, don't worry – we'll make sure your pricing stays the same for as long as you want it!

If you're still in your trial period, make sure you add a payment method soon so you can bag our early bird pricing and we can lock you in before the changes! Any questions on pricing can be emailed to support@norby.live.

📝 ILOVECREATIVES (we really do) IG Course Scholarship 🤑

We've partnered with the incredible team of slashies behind @ilovecreatives to present their Instagram Course Scholarship! Through the ilovecreatives Instagram Course Scholarship, you can take the Instagram Content Planning Course for FREE. In collaboration with Norby, @ilovecreatives is offering 10 creative scholarships to lucky applicants! The course will cover everything from content audits and strategic audience stalking to building a content plan that WORKS 🌟 MAGIC ✨ Share out with all the folks you know and get to applying below. Good luck!


That's all for now!

‘Til next time,

Sam, Nick, and Steve  🪐


Sam Safer Valentine
Sam Safer Valentine

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