How to Create a Killer Social Bio for Instagram, Twitter, Clubhouse, or Tik Tok

How to Create a Killer Social Bio for Instagram, Twitter, Clubhouse, or Tik Tok

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to social media. At its core, your social presence is the ultimate first impression maker, especially in the virtual world that we all live in these days. It is said that it takes a mere seven seconds to form a first impression of someone or something. The question is, how do you make the most of those seven short seconds? How do you capture someone's attention in a space where there are millions of others trying to do the same? 3 words -- That. Bio. Tho.

Optimizing your social bios is a key piece to the complex puzzle that is social media. It may seem trivial to some, but social media bios are pretty much the fastest way to make a lasting impression and crafting a quality one can be challenging. Fear not -- we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to nail your social bios to drive good engagement and great impressions.

It’s A Name Game 💁

First things first, add a name to your profile! We know, this seems obvious… but oftentimes, people forget that this name field is searchable. So, you may want to think about the words you want your account to be associated with. Consider adding an identifying word to this part of your bio to increase your chances of being included in the searches you want to be a part of. Check out Norby user Tatianna BWell, who added “Wellness” and “Content Creation” to the name field in their bio, optimizing searchability. 👇

Tatianna BWell

Keywords Are The 🔑

Contrary to the name field, the words in the body of your bio are not searchable. That doesn’t mean they aren’t important! Think about the words you’d want to jump out at users glancing across your account for the first time and be sure to include them. There is a character limit to consider here, so a good rule of thumb is to come up with three keywords that you feel resonate well with your content. Norby user Sugarfree Media did this perfectly in their bio, see below! 👇

Sugarfree Media

Short, Sweet, & Simple ❗️

Keeping your social bios short and to the point is usually the best way to go. Remember that seven second rule! We know, this can be challenging. Try to keep in mind that it isn’t always what you say, but how you say it. See this bio by Norby user Wylde Hudson, whose bio is so simple, yet effective.👇

Wylde Hudson

Contact Info Is Crucial 📩

So, you’ve written the perfect bio to accompany your account. Great, but it doesn’t end there. Adding contact info to your social bios is *super* important--especially on the ‘gram. Use the Contact features offered on platforms like Instagram to encourage an open line of communication between yourself and your followers. Not only does this give your page a sense of approachability and professionalism, but it also opens up the opportunity for collabs, partnerships, and so much more. Simple move, but it goes a long way! Check out Norby user Brik + Clik who has added their email and phone number to their account. 👇

Brik + Clik

Get Crafty With It 🎨

Social bios don’t have to be boring and wordy. Who doesn’t love a good emoji? The use of emojis, hashtags, and other characters adds personality to your profile. Use these as a way to reinforce branding and emphasize the words in the body of your bio. Check out Norby user The Wellnss Practice, who did this with theirs. 👇

The Wellnss Practice

@ Me Next Time 🙄

If you’re a brand, community, or any other type of business, consider adding your personal handle to your professional profile (if you are comfortable with it.) This adds another level of approachability to a business profile. When users can associate a name or face with your account, they are more likely to connect with it in a personal way. If you aren’t keen on mixing in your personal account, this may be the perfect place to @ any other accounts you want to drive traffic to. Here is Norby user Financially Intentional, who tagged their podcast account in their bio. 👇

Financially Intentional

Links For Days 🔗

Last but most certainly not least, make sure that link in bio is up to date and accurately represents all of your current ish. Adding a link in bio to your social profiles is the simplest way to keep everything you are up to organized and easily accessible to your followers. As online creators, what is the point of releasing amazing content if your audience can’t easily access and appreciate it? Adding a link in bio will drive engagement to that content and ensure that your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Oh, and one more thing...did we mention that Norby allows you to completely customize your link in bio so it looks and feels like you? 😉 Check out a few Norby users below who have branded their Norby link in bios to the nines. 👇


Chloe DeChambeau
Chloe DeChambeau

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