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    Links & Landing Pages

    Create unique landing pages that showcase your work and level up your social media presence. Customize your brand look and feel, add links and content, use events and lead captures to drive engagement and growth.

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    Keep the conversation going across social media channels, SMS, and email. Get the context you need with audience analytics and messaging in one streamlined inbox experience.

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    Signups & Events

    Build your community — and your contact list — by hosting events with Norby. Collect leads with signup blocks and use custom form fields to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

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    SMS & Email Sends

    Segment your audience the way you want and meet your followers where they are. Send and schedule personalized messages to reach people on the right channel at the right time.

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    Analytics & Link Tracking

    Get a holistic view of your audience’s journey and take the guesswork out of your next step. Monitor traffic, visit duration, referrals, link engagement, and more across your pages and content.

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Nick, Sam, and Steven, Co-founders

Getting it done, together

Our team is made up of creators and builders just like you. We know how hard it is to build a business from the ground up, and how important it is to have the right people — and tools — in your corner to succeed.

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Manali, Director of Growth


    Terry Rice, Consultant


    Dotun Abeshinbioke, Artist

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    Barbiana Liu, Designer

In good company

Join the next generation of creative entrepreneurs using Norby to market and grow their brands online. From experts and educators to podcasters and TikTokers, Norby’s toolkit and resources help unlock new opportunities and turn your passion into a successful business.

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Grey & Grayson Prnce, Musicians

Your partner in growth

"Norby was an integral part of the success of our Brand Camp event, we were able to create our event landing page, email and text attendees and track our page analytics all within Norby’s platform. The friendly interface makes it easy to use and I loved the detailed analytics. I was able to see exactly how each individual interacted with our landing page and even the steps they took before signing up. These analytics gave us great insight into how our audience engaged with the event. The SMS and emails were integral to communicating with our audience before and after the event."

Dotun Abeshinbioke, Founder of Ábiké Studios

"The market was a success with nearly 30 vendors participating and over 150 attendees. During our promotional period, I was able to gain analytics through Norby. The interactions on my landing page increased by over 500% and I gained dozens of new newsletter signups during that time. "

CADO, Marketplace

"Norby has singlehandedly made marketing fun again. I went from feeling uninspired and honestly burdened by having to churn out content for my email list and text list, but the features and seamless experience using Norby made me excited to put out new freebies and bite-sized gems for my community."

Shyne Webster, Brand Strategist & Designer

"Since launching in November 2021, it has been easy to start, grow, and manage our online community with Norby. It has intuitive and creator-driven features that have allowed us to showcase our brand in authentic and seamless ways."

Kind Body Therapy, Community

"Norby is a first-of-its-kind, community-centered platform that has helped us form deeper relationships with our audience through personalized text message marketing features and other direct communication tools that enable us to reach our people where they're most engaged. Since creating a podcast concierge service through Norby, we've more than doubled our podcast downloads and with their easy text notifications, we've increased our show-up rates to live or in-person events by 20%. On top of that, Norby's relationship-driven values are reflected not just in their tech products, but how they treat their creators with the world-class customer care they provide."

Ellen Yin,  Podcaster & Founder of Cubicle to CEO

"Using Norby for our virtual events as well as some of our other marketing needs has been a game-changer. It’s a fun and easy tool to use that allows us to keep all of our assets in one place. We used their events tools for our Virtual Discovery Event, where we had 500+ RSVPs to a three-day fully-online extravaganza. Everything from the signup links for our live panels with retailer and brand partners; to a “guidebook” on what to expect during the three days; to promotion of our free shipping code; to SMS marketing; and even to a hosting page for our panel recordings afterwards, was created, hosted, and sent through Norby. We wouldn't have been able to make that event such a success without it!"

Bulletin, Wholesale Marketplace