Learn How Barbari Tracks Sign Ups and Newsletters Using Norby's Inbox Tools

Learn How Barbari Tracks Sign Ups and Newsletters Using Norby's Inbox Tools

Meet Barbari, a small business providing carefully sourced herbal and botanical goods for safe smoking, steeping, and burning. Visit Barbari's Norby to shop their goods, sign up for their text updates, and more! Read on to discover how Barbari uses Norby's SMS and inbox tools to increase their audience engagement:

There has never been a link in bio software that literally does it all. It’s a one stop shop for newsletters, text campaigns, links, analytics, and so much more. We absolutely love it here. Not to mention it’s so user friendly and the customer support team is incredible!

Why Norby? 📲🤨

We switched to Norby when we wanted a link in bio that could easily collect newsletter signups, text campaign sign ups, AND link to relevant sites on our webpage. Most softwares only have one button that clicks out onto a shop page, and the rest of the buttons need to be linked to specific image from the feed. Norby lets us link to blogs, newsletters, campaigns, shop, feed images and more. The analytics are a huge bonus.

Through Norby, we were able to...

  • We were able to launch and collect SMS subscribers for the first time! 📲
  • The inbox feature allows us to directly see who and when someone signs up for a newsletter or text campaign. 📥
  • We love that you can segment SMS subscribers into separate categories, and send campaigns accordingly to different groups. Those that want Sale communication and sale communications ONLY will receive just that. Those that want it all - blogs, sales, updates, can get all those as well.

Like what you see? You can download Barbari's case study for yourself here. 🌟

And don't forget to get started for free today!


Team Norby
Team Norby

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