Learn How Bulletin Used Norby's Events to Increase Their IG Live Engagement

Learn How Bulletin Used Norby's Events to Increase Their IG Live Engagement

Meet Bulletin, the B2B wholesale marketplace and community where retailers go to discover, meet, and shop the best brands on the planet. Visit Bulletin's Norby to browse their brand directory, sign up as a retailer, and sign up for their SMS drops! Read on to discover how Bulletin used Norby's events to increase their IG Live engagement:

Using Norby for our virtual event as well as some of our marketing needs has been a game-changer. Any and all of our virtual programming has been hosted and promoted through Norby, and it’s a fun and easy tool to use that allows you to keep all of your assets in one place. The most notable experience to call out was our January Virtual Discovery Event, where we had 500+ RSVPs to a three-day fully-online extravaganza. The entire event was hosted through Norby: from the signup links for our live panels with retailer and brand partners; to a “guidebook” on what to expect during the three days; to promotion of our free shipping code; to SMS marketing; and even to a hosting page for our panel recordings afterwards. We would not have been able to pull that event off without Norby’s help!

Why Norby? 📲🤨

The Bulletin team has used Norby primarily in the following ways: our link in bio, SMS marketing; building landing pages for our events, such as our very successful Virtual Discovery Event in January 2022; building event RSVP pages for our Instagram Lives. We have been extremely happy with these services, and love how when we suggest improvements (i.e. better analytics for SMS tracking), we see them relatively soon thereafter. It’s wonderful to work with a team of creators who has built a tool for creators, because Norby knows what we all need! 

Through Norby, we were able to...

  • Build an SMS list that we certainly never had before!
  • Increase engagement on the Collections that our Merchandising Team puts together (because we add them to our Link in Bio landing page, and rotate them seasonally to align with the Collections on our homepage)
  • Increase engagement on our Instagram, as a direct result of our “Brains Behind the Brand” and “Retailer Real Talk” Instagram Lives that we’ve hosted and promoted through Norby

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Team Norby
Team Norby

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