Learn How Ellen Yin Used Norby's Tools to Double Her Monthly Podcast Downloads

Learn How Ellen Yin Used Norby's Tools to Double Her Monthly Podcast Downloads

Meet Ellen Yin, Founder & Podcast Host of Cubicle to CEO, the media company that has served over 10,000 entrepreneurs and brands through online courses and marketing agency services. Visit Ellen's Norby to view her services, sign up for text updates, and more! Read on to discover how Ellen uses Norby's tools to double her monthly podcast downloads:

Norby is a first-of-its-kind, community-centered platform that has helped us form deeper relationships with our audience through their personalized SMS text features and other direct communication tools to reach our people where they're most engaged. Norby's relationship-driven values are reflected not just in their tech products, but how they treat their creators with the world-class customer care they provide.

Why Norby? 📲🤨

We use Norby to connect with our podcast listeners via a "Podcast Concierge" service that we deliver through Norby's SMS Text "Sends" and "Inbox" feature. Each week, we directly deliver the new podcast episode link to our listeners' phones, and then we open up a dialogue by giving listeners the opportunity to text us back and request custom playlists, suggest guests or topics for future episodes, or ask questions. By signing up for our weekly podcast texts, listeners also receive their own unique referral link that they can share with their network, and we're able to track and reward them for new text sign-ups they refer to us. This rewards program builds loyalty with existing listeners and gamifies growing our audience with new listeners by incentivizing our existing listeners to become ambassadors of our show. We also use Norby text sends to increase show-up rates to live events + online webinars and learn more about who our audience is by allowing them to opt-in for free resources in exchange for helpful information like their Instagram handle, phone number, email etc.

Through Norby, we were able to...

  • Increase our show-up rates for live digital or in-person events by at least 20% every time we use Norby's SMS Text Sends
  • Make tens of thousands of dollars from course sales through direct 1-on-1 conversations with leads we acquired through Norby Sign-Ups.
  • More than double our monthly podcast downloads by implementing our Podcast Concierge Service in combination with other growth strategies.

Like what you see? You can download Ellen Yin's case study for yourself here. 🌟


Team Norby
Team Norby

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