Norby Community Newsletter – No. 13

Norby Community Newsletter – No. 13

Hey Norby Community,

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Let’s dive in!

🚚 Moving Day 📦

You might have noticed a new section appear in your dashboard earlier this week – campaigns!

After talking to many of you about your workflows, we’ve added a new campaigns section to the left hand sidebar. Clicking it will take you to a top-down view of all your email and SMS campaigns across all of your events and Drops. You can easily see upcoming, sent, and draft campaigns, as well as dig into individual campaign analytics.

🤟 Spread the Love 💜

We’ve added a few features to make it easier to create growth loops for your audience:

  • You can now reference the referral link for the user you’re addressing as a variable in any of your campaigns. Try prompting users to post their referral link on social media or send it to a friend and watch the shares come in!
  • On that note, you can now see user referrals as well as referrals from external sources in the Referrals tab of the analytics viewer for any event or Drop.

✁ More Nips & Tucks 💉

  • We’ve made big improvements to initial page load times so your landing pages, events, signups, and link in bios are speedier than ever 🚄
  • We hate losing our work, too – changes are now tracked when editing content so if you accidentally click out of the editor, you’ll be prompted to save or discard your changes.

🤳 Norby Crew

  • Join Sad Girls Club for Soul Sessions, a form of digital group therapy with peers around the world. Led by accredited therapists of color, Sad Girls Club provides a cozy space to vent, heal, and grow.
  • So She Slays is a lifestyle platform for strong & motivated women. Download their E-book on self care, check out their latest content on YouTube, and sign up for texts to stay in the loop!
  • Meet Kae Lani Palmisano, an Emmy-winning television host, food, and travel writer. Check out her writing on Substack, listen to her Amuse-Bouche podcast and subscribe to her YouTube channel to follow along with her menu and recipe development!
  • Join Home From College for The Brains Behind the Beauty: frank body on Launching Clean Personal Care! Get to know the decisions behind a personal care brand with the founder, Bree Johnson, and CMO, Ali Worral, of frank body.
  • Watch Globethotter interviews LIVE on Twitch, sign up for text updates or share your travel stories with Cassy.

🤓 What we’re reading, listening to and talking about 📰

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Sam Safer Valentine
Sam Safer Valentine

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