Norby Community Newsletter – No. 14

Norby Community Newsletter – No. 14

Hey Norby Community,

Happy April, and if you’re new around here, welcome! We’ll pop into your inbox every few weeks with a mix of product updates, announcements, tips and tricks, helpful resources, and interesting articles.

Let’s dive in!

✍️ Brand New Fonts ⌨️

We've added 20 new fonts to Norby that you can use in all of your feeds, pages, and events. Check out the new options in the Appearance section of your dashboard.

🔔 Host with the Most ✨

We've added a host of new notification types to the activity feed on your dashboard as well as configurable email notifications for alerts you don't want to miss. Change up your settings and automatically get emails when followers sign up for Drops, register for events, buy tickets, and more. You can also enable team-level notifications and get emails when, for example, someone on your team updates any of your content.

Check out all the new options by opening up your notifications tab and hitting the configure button in the top right corner.

👋 The Name Game 🎯

Thanks to your feedback, we've added a few new variables that you can use in your campaigns and notifications to tailor them to each recipient. Address your followers by first, last, or full name with our new name variables and encourage them to share their referral link with the referral link variable. You can also specify a default name to use if one isn't available.

To learn more, create a new campaign and tap "How do I use variables in my message?"

↩️ Never Miss a Reply ↩️

Head over to your account settings to specify a custom reply-to email address for all of your email campaigns.

🪐 To Infinity & Beyond 🚀

We've added infinite scrolling to all of the content management sections of your admin dashboard, so you can easily browse old events and manage long lists of links.

🤳 Norby Crew

In honor of our hometown legalizing marijuana last week we bring you a cannabis-themed edition of Norby Crew ✌️ Check them out below!

🤓 What we’re reading, listening to and talking about 📰

‘Til next time,

Sam, Nick, and Steve


Sam Safer Valentine
Sam Safer Valentine

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