Norby Community Newsletter – No. 15

Norby Community Newsletter – No. 15

Hey Norby Community,

It's our 15th community newsletter – which feels like a baby milestone for us, so thank you all for making it possible, and if you’re new around here, welcome! We’ll pop into your inbox every two weeks with a mix of product updates, announcements, tips and tricks, helpful resources, and interesting articles.

Now, let’s dive in!

📱 Digits 📞

You may have noticed a new box appear yesterday in the top right corner of your Norby dashboard with... your own phone number!

That's right – every Norby customer now has their own phone number from which all of their SMS reminders, notifications, and campaigns will be sent. We've got a lot of plans for new features utilizing these phone numbers in cool ways, but if there are specific things you want to see, just reply here and let us know! And watch this space, because this is the first step in a series of new features we're super excited about.

And if you're still on a trial and haven't yet added a payment method, don't worry – your text messages will continue to come from a shared Norby phone number. Just add a card to your account to get your own!

📅 Next Up ✅

In addition to being able to add individual event blocks to your feeds, you can now add an always-up-to-date list of events with the shiny new Upcoming Events block. You can tweak the parameters on your block to use it in different ways, like limiting the number of items shown, only showing a specific tag, or showing items in reverse-chronological order.

Try using the Upcoming Events block to add a real time list of 3 upcoming events to your link in bio or to create an archive or category page to show past events or events with a specific tag.

👀 Zoom Gets An Upgrade ✨

Our Zoom integration has been given an upgrade with improved security for ticketed and paid events and richer analytics. We'll now combine data from Zoom with data from Norby to give you an even more comprehensive view into your workshops, classes, and discussions.

Link your Zoom account in the Integrations section of your dashboard to try it out for yourself!

✍️ Fonts On Fonts 🖊

We've added 10 new font options to the Norby theme editor. You can find all the different styles in the Appearance tab of your dashboard.

We're working on support for custom fonts (we hear you!) which we'll be rolling out in the coming weeks, but if there are specific fonts you want to use just reply here and let us know – we'll get you set up in no time.

🏁 Ready For Launch 🚀

Over the coming weeks you'll notice a few new Norby accounts cropping up as we get ready to release Norby v1 next month. Find us on TikTok @bynorby_ or on Clubhouse @nickgerard, @sam_valentine, and @stevenolay to follow along – we hope you join us!

🤳 Norby Crew

Say hi to a few of the newest members of our community!

  • Maude – Modern intimacy.
  • Moodelier – Helping you to create scroll-stopping visuals through immersive pieces and educational resources.
  • The Diaz Collections – An archival vessel channeling the ancestral exploration/decolonization of Black femme artistic wellness.
  • So She Slays – A place to feel comfortable talking about issues that are a part of your everyday life.
  • Agency by Fellisia – A visual diary.
  • Trauma Queen – A queer media consultant & comprehensive sex educator.

🤓 What we’re reading, listening to and talking about 📰

‘Til next time,

Sam, Nick, and Steve


Sam Safer Valentine
Sam Safer Valentine

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