Norby Community Newsletter – No. 24

Norby Community Newsletter – No. 24

Hey Norby Community,

We’re a day away from officially welcoming in spooky season and we’re living for all the fall vibes 🎃. We've got some very exciting updates for you in this edition, plus a sneak peek at something we're launching later this fall. If you’re new to the crew, welcome! We’ll pop into your inbox every two weeks with a mix of product updates, announcements, tips and tricks, helpful resources, and interesting articles.

Now, let’s dive in!

👨‍🎤 Introducing THEMES!!! 🍧

Ready to change up your lewk for the fall season? Well it just got a whole lot easier with themes! We've designed twelve gorgeous themes for you to choose from which you can find in the new theme gallery tab in the Appearance section of your dashboard.

Add some Cher to your Norby with our Clueless theme or try a throwback vintage look with Warm Groovy. Get into the Halloween spirit with Spookytown, USA, or if you're looking for something more refined try Ballerina, Serene, or Vogue. Just tap the View button on any theme to see a preview of what your Norby looks like with it applied. You can view the preview on either mobile or desktop devices as well as read more details about the theme before applying it. And don't worry – you can still customize every detail of your Norby branding. Themes just make it easier to quickly change your look or try something new.

We've got lots of plans for future themes (including themes from some incredible designers in our community, stay tuned 😉) so let us know what you think!

💅 We can’t get enough of… customizations 🧑‍🎨

Speaking of giving your Norby a glow up, we've added tons of new customization options with this release including:

  • You can now add a full-bleed background image to header blocks in addition to a background color and avatar image
  • If you're on the Brand plan, you can now customize your favicon (the icon that appears in your browser toolbar) in your Appearance settings
  • You can now individually adjust header and body font sizes in your Appearance settings

📏 Size matters 📐

We've added automatic support for subdomains – which means you can now view your Norby at in addition to! You can use one, both, or switch it up as you like. If you've been looking to slim down your link in bio URL, you can now say goodbye to those four pesky extra characters. Check out my link in bio at or Norby's at!

💰 Grab bag 🔦

We've made a ton of small changes, fixes, and upgrades in the last two weeks, but a few are worth specifically calling out:

  • A HUGE week-over-week customer request! You can now center or right-align text in link blocks if you choose in addition to being able to customize image position.
  • You're on mute! You can now see at a glance whether users subscribed to a given signup (or attendees for a given event) are muted on text or email.
  • You can now see click analytics for any links contained in notifications (like confirmation messages for events and signups, or event start notifications for events) in the Links tab of the Analytics drawer for a given event or signup

Creators Who Share

👀 Sneak peek 👀

Psssst. We're dropping something major next week and we can't wait to tell you all about it. Be the first to know when it drops by signing up for a text at!

🤳 Norby Crew

Say hi to a few of the newest members of our community!

  • Charleeta Nicole – Charleeta is a motivational speaker and mental health advocate.
  • Studio Co Creative – A branding studio that believes in building brands from the soul up.
  • Amare By M – Marina is a NYC/Detroit based certified mat pilates instructor offering private and semi private pilates classes. She also runs an online wellness community.
  • Nahtyka Jolly – Nahtyka is a digital storyteller and literary strategist.
  • Ecstatic Voice – A communication studio and consultancy by Cate Campbell.
  • Erika Totten – Erika helps BIPOC break free from self limiting beliefs to create lives rooted in joy, authenticity, and liberation.
  • Good Grace Co – A Christian community for connecting people through testimonies, encouragement, and devotionals.

🤓 What we’re reading, listening to and talking about 📰

‘Til next time,

Sam, Nick, and Steve


Sam Safer Valentine
Sam Safer Valentine

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