Norby Community Newsletter – No. 26

Norby Community Newsletter – No. 26

Hey Norby Community,

Happy Halloween! We've been counting our blessings, working on our breathing, and finding more balance thanks to our first Creators Who Share webinar with Jesse Israel. And last night Vanessa Newman joined us for a workshop on building inclusive community spaces, Be What You Can't See, and shared their experience as a DJ, producer, creative director, and now product designer helping build spaces like Ethel's Club, In Session, and Somewhere Good.

Don't worry if you missed either one of our first two events – recaps of both will be hitting our blog and social accounts soon, so keep an 👁 out! In the meantime, you can sign up for our next panel with Vanessa (with some special guests to be announced!) coming in November:

Now let's get into some updates!

📃 Views On Views 📄

We've added a whole new page analytics explorer! Tap the Analytics button on any of your Norby landing pages to view total and unique visits over any time period, visit durations, and detailed profiles of the contacts who visited your page.

You can also now see page views in the Audience analytics section of your dashboard. Page views will show up alongside all of your contacts' other activity, like their clicks, signups, shares, and opt-ins.

🖼️ Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3... 💬

You can now easily send test notifications from the Notifications tab when creating or editing an event or signup. You can send email tests to any email address although test text messages can only be sent to yourself. Any variables you include in your notification will be automatically populated when you send the test.

🤳 Norby Crew

Say hi to a few of the newest members of our community!

  • Bloom Together: A community on a mission to help the people, planet, and plenty grow together.
  • Madi Hunt: Madi is an artist and teacher that holds space for creative exploration and encourages students of all ages and experience levels to experiment and grow.
    JSM Hospitality Group: A group that works to enhance the experience of your favorite events.
  • Danielle Chang: Danielle is a beauty and lifestyle creator that specializes in marketing and small business tips.
  • Self Company: Founded by Britney Ray, Self Company provides boxes that make self-care easy, affordable, and accessible.
  • 2 Steps Forward Coaching: Helping changemakers and leaders develop the clarity & mindset to lead with greater ease and impact.
  • Shyne Webster: A creator, innovator, and mentor for dope brands.
  • DK Jonah: A brand strategist and blogger specializing in DIY branding.

🤓 What we’re reading, listening to and talking about 📰

‘Til next time,

Sam, Nick, and Steve


Sam Safer Valentine
Sam Safer Valentine

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