Norby Community Newsletter – No. 8

Norby Community Newsletter – No. 8

Hey Norby Community,

Happy New Year!

After taking a short break over the holidays we've been heads down working on the next version of the Norby platform and we're so excited to launch some big new features in the coming weeks. This week, however, we’re thrilled to announce something else...

Introducing our New Website 💻👀

Today we’re excited to officially launch our new website 🎉. You can check it out HERE. It’s the fullest expression of our product and platform yet and it’s amazing to be able to show off so many members of our community. Check out the site to see their creations and hear how they have been able to grow their audience using Norby!

To develop our new site we partnered with terrific creator and designer James Baduor. We worked with James over two months to refine our basic concepts, develop interesting visuals and eye-catching animations, and implement the site in Webflow. You can check out more of James' work here.

ICYMI, that 🔗 in bio life

In December we introduced links, the newest content type in the Norby orbit. Use Norby as your link in bio to connect your audience to all your content 💪 no matter where it is on the web, with a full suite of analytics tying it all together with your events and drops.

As always, your brand comes first, so we’ve made the Links tool HIGHLY customizable. Switch up the background and font colors, add images, and create brand-aligned designs throughout your entire feed.

Norby Crew

We could all use some community right about now. For your dose of it check out Wylde Hudson'sevent on The Need for Community coming up next week, Tuesday January 26th @ 6pm. You can RSVP here with all ticket sales donated to Perfect Ten Hudson.

What we’re reading, listening to and talking about

‘Til next time,

Sam, Nick, and Steve


Sam Safer Valentine
Sam Safer Valentine

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