This Week On Norby: Monday, May 24, 2021

This Week On Norby: Monday, May 24, 2021
Burn Groove Yoga

Yoga with High Society Mama

Burn Groove Yoga is a fun vinyasa flow, with upbeat music that is sure to make you smile and sweat. Designed to stimulate your body and mind while improving flexibility and overall strength. Monday 5/24 @ 7PM EST. Sign up here.


Community Call for Black Men

Hosted by Ashanti Branch, this is an opportunity for black men to come together for mutual support, care, and accountability. Monday 5/24 @ 8PM EDT. Sign up here.


Pink Sesh San Diego

Join us for an evening sesh while we celebrate spring and all the new beginnings it has to offer. Monday 5/24 @ 9PM EDT. Sign up here.

It's Time to Turn Off Your Auto-Correct

It’s Time to Turn Off Your Auto-Correct

How to embrace the great unlearning – a conversation with marketing and brand-building experts about shedding problematic marketing behaviors and building trust through accountable storytelling. Tuesday 5/25 @ 1PM EDT. Sign up here.


WWFH: A Salon Series

Curious about Cannabis? - Join us for a fascinating night as we dive into all things CANNABIS. Tuesday 5/25 @ 7:30PM EDT. Sign up here.


GBTQ DIG with Cator Sparks

Join Cator in a space created for all men of the GBTQ+ community. (Gay, Bi, Trans, Questioning) Drop in to your experience and your identity to discuss what it means to you, and learn from others going through their own journey. Wednesday 5/26 @ 1PM EDT. Sign up here.

Healing in Action

Healing in Action: AAPI Heritage Month

Join us for a Healing in Action event highlighting out AAPI community of wellness practitioners and activists! Wednesday 5/26 @ 7:30PM EDT. Sign up here.

Yai Nin

Yai Nin: Early Access Premiere

Early Access Premiere of Yai Nin hosted by Thais Together followed by a Q&A with the Director. Wednesday 5/26 @ 8PM EDT. Sign up here.

Community Jam

Community Jam: Designing for Shared Ownership

Join us as we discuss democratisation of technology through 'glocal' communities, how scientific research and social innovation interact, and more! Thursday 5/27 @ 4PM EDT. Sign up here.

Pink Sesh

Pink Sesh Appreciation Day

Enjoy cannabis product promos and tie-dye a Pink Sesh shirt. Thursday 5/27 @ 5PM EDT. Sign up here.

RIP: Is Instagram Really Dead?

RIP: Is Instagram Really Dead?

In loving memory of the Instagram that once was - a conversation with content creators and media experts about Instagram’s better days and the future of the platform. Thursday, 5/27 @ 8PM EDT. Sign up here.


Claudia Vera
Claudia Vera

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