This Week On Norby: Monday, November 15, 2021.

This Week On Norby: Monday, November 15, 2021.

EVRYMAN presents Community Call For Black Men. Hosted by Ashanti Branch, this is an opportunity for black men to come together for mutual support, care, and accountability. Tonight @ 8PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

HiVi presents ​​Office Hours with Dr. Chin: Microdosing for mental health. Join HiVi's Medical Advisor and pharmaceutical scientist Dr. Miyabe Shields, PhD for a conversation about how less may actually be more when it comes to cannabis for your wellbeing. Tuesday 11/16 @ 6PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

EVRYMAN presents Global Community Call with special guest David Barth for a conversation on how to connect with your teenager. Tuesday 11/16 @ 8PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Thriving With Heather for Healing from Workplace Trauma 1.0. Group Hypnosis and Sound Healing included. Tuesday 11/16 @ 9PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Sit down with Jess Catorc and Will Tyrone Toms for Keep the Receipt Convo. Wednesday 11/17 @ 1PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

EVRYMAN presents GBTQ DIG with Cator Sparks. Join Cator in a space created for all men of the GBTQ+ community. (Gay, Bi, Trans, Questioning) Drop in to your experience and your identity to discuss what it means to you, and learn from others going through their own journey. Wednesday 11/17 @ 1PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Norby for a continuation of our Creators Who Share programming for Be What You Can't See, a virtual chat hosted by Vanessa Newman with fellow space makers Kamra Hakim and Annika Hansteen-Izora! Wednesday 11/17 @ 2PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Breathe, Rise + Thrive presents Breathbreak, a class intended for busy professionals looking for something to slot in between meetings and / or meals. Wednesday 11/17 @ 3PM EST – SIGN UP HERE – and Friday 11/19 @ 3PM EST – SIGN UP HERE.

Muvaboard presents Self-Care For Your Business feat. Hope Henson-Lehman, a conversation to ask questions on what self care for a business looks like, and how to achieve it. Wednesday 11/17 @ 3PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Bulletin for Brains Behind the Brand: Exclusive Drop Edition with @dad.grass, where Brooklyn will be chatting on IG Live with co-founder Ben Starmer about his latest product drop. Wednesday 11/17 @ 3PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

FloxStudio presents Community Jam: The Ethics of Community Design, where George Aye, co-founder of Greater Good Studio and Sloan Leo, founder of FLOX Studio will share their perspectives on the urgent ethical dilemmas and opportunities that can inform new ways of being, ways that center collective wins and community. Thursday 11/18 @ 4:30PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

EVRYMAN presents BIPOC Drop In Group – join Ceasar F Barajas, Andrew Cheung, and Lawrence Gibson in their BIPOC drop in group to slow down, connect, and get embodied! Friday 11/19 @ 3PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Limoncito Goods for Not Just Coffee Holiday Kick-off, where you can come shop small and kick off your holiday list while grabbing some of the best coffee in town. Saturday 11/20 @ 9AM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

RSVP to snag your spot on Globethotter's Group Trip to Portugal when bookings go live on Saturday, November 20th @ 1PM EST. RSVP HERE.

Join Breathe Rise and Thrive for Commune & Breathe: breathwork for holistic wellbeing. Sunday 11/21 @ 1PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.


Claudia Vera
Claudia Vera

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