This Week On Norby: Monday, November 8, 2021.

This Week On Norby: Monday, November 8, 2021.

Annika Hansteen-Izora presents Dreaming as Speculative Design, a space to explore dreaming as a method of speculative design. Today 11/8 @ 5PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Aliza Licht for How to Master the Job Interview, a mentoring event filled with an in-depth discussion on mastering how to present in a job interview. Today 11/8 @ 8PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

EVRYMAN presents Community Call For Black Men. Hosted by Ashanti Branch, this is an opportunity for black men to come together for mutual support, care, and accountability. Tonight @ 8PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

EVRYMAN presents GBTQ DIG with Cator Sparks. Join Cator in a space created for all men of the GBTQ+ community. (Gay, Bi, Trans, Questioning) Drop in to your experience and your identity to discuss what it means to you, and learn from others going through their own journey. Wednesday 11/10 @ 1PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Breathe, Rise + Thrive presents Breathbreak, a class intended for busy professionals looking for something to slot in between meetings and / or meals. Wednesday 11/10 @ 3PM EST. – SIGN UP HERE – and Friday 11/12 @ 3PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Jess Catorc, Host of Keep the Receipt, for Money Feels, an IG Live where she sits down with psychotherapist & licensed clinical social worker @lizbcroft to get real about big financial decisions, what role your mental health plays in how you manage your finances, and money myths. Wednesday 11/10 @ 5:30PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join JOYDAY for a mid-week breather to throw darts and axes at Throw Inc. to provide mental health awareness and space to connect with our inner joy. This event is FREE! Wednesday 11/10 @ 6PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Thriving With Heather presents 11:11 Sacred Sounds and Soul Vibes, an IG Live where they will hold space via sound healing, song, qi gong, and mindfulness. Thursday 11/11 @ 11:01AM PST/2:01PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join ssam·o·torr for their virtual launch party through their partnership with Thursday 11/11 @ 9PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Designed By Shyne for their "GRASS" Print Live Fundraiser Auction. Enter to win an exclusive piece -- 100% of proceeds will be donated to their family friend who just lost her husband. Friday 11/12 @ 2PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

EVRYMAN presents BIPOC Drop In Group – join Ceasar F Barajas, Andrew Cheung, and Lawrence Gibson in their BIPOC drop in group to slow down, connect, and get embodied! Friday 11/12 @ 3PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Designed by Shyne presents Campaign Building for Dummies, a space to learn a non-marketer's method to making marketing campaigns simple & effective! Friday 11/12 @ 3PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Jess Catorc, Host of Keep the Receipt, for Money Feels, an IG Live where she sits down with content strategist, producer & writer @_utibe, to get real about big financial decisions and the transition from young adult to adult life, career growth, and money myths. Friday 11/12 @ 6PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

BSW x Pink Sesh come together to bring San Diego women Roller Dooby Sesh, a local IN PERSON sesh in San Diego to skate, visit, laugh, make new friends, create content, and exhale the week away with your favorite women. Friday 11/12 @ 8PM PST. SIGN UP HERE.

Harlem BKC presents Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Workshop, where Coach Jah Washington will host his first ever kettlebell seminar at The Movement Workshop in Burlington, Massachusetts. Saturday 11/13 @ 8AM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Breathe Rise and Thrive for Commune & Breathe: breathwork for holistic wellbeing. Sunday 11/14 @ 1PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.


Claudia Vera
Claudia Vera

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