This Week On Norby: Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

This Week On Norby: Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

Join Brooklyn Training Hall for their Strength & Conditioning 101! No membership or prior training necessary.

Wednesday 10/13 @ 8:00 AM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Wednesday 10/13 @ 6:00 PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Friday 10/15 @ 8:00 AM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Friday 10/15 @ 6:00 PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

EVRYMAN presents GBTQ DIG with Cator Sparks. Join Cator in a space created for all men of the GBTQ+ community. (Gay, Bi, Trans, Questioning) Drop in to your experience and your identity to discuss what it means to you, and learn from others going through their own journey. Wednesday 10/13 @ 1PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Breathe Rise and Thrive presents Breathbreak, a class is intended for busy professionals looking for something to slot in between meetings and / or meals. Wednesday 10/13 @ 3PM EST (SIGN UP HERE) and Friday 10/15 @ 3PM EST (SIGN UP HERE).

Join EVRYMAN for a free webinar -- The Science of Human Connection-- to begin exploring what you can do to begin to reset your body and emotions with Owen Marcus and Mike Sagun. Wednesday 10/13 @ 8:00 PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join The Catcall Collective and Abigail Koffler of This Needs Hot Sauce for a virtual cooking class where they’ll make burgers and cocktails. Cook, chat, and chow down! Thursday 10/14 @ 6:00 PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Aliza Licht, best-selling author of LEAVE YOUR MARK and host of the LEAVE YOUR MARK podcast and community, presents an in-depth discussion on mastering how to present in a job interview. Thursday 10/14 @ 7:00 PM EDT. SIGN UP HERE.

EVRYMAN presents BIPOC Drop In Group – join Ceasar F Barajas, Andrew Cheung, and Lawrence Gibson in their new BIPOC drop in group to slow down, connect, and get embodied! Friday 10/15 @ 3PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.

Join JSM Hospitality for LATE NIGHT THAI: an elevated dining experience in collaboration with The Knockout Boyz. Friday 10/15 @ 9:30 PM EDT. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Breathe Rise and Thrive for Commune & Breathe, where you will spend a few minutes discussing the topic of the month after grounding into your body, followed by a 30 minute dynamic body-mind practice using a conscious connected breathing technique. Sunday 10/17 @ 1:00 PM EDT. SIGN UP HERE.

Join Sad Girls Club in collaboration with Garden Society in San Francisco for their inaugural event where you can enjoy snacks, community healing, and the historical connection between 🍃 and mental health. Sunday 10/17 @ 2:00 PM EDT. SIGN UP HERE.


Claudia Vera
Claudia Vera

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