Why Norby?

Why Norby?

Not Another Link In Bio

We could tell you we have the best link in bio in the game, or that our texting tools are so fun and easy to use you’ll forget anyone ever made you learn what “no code” meant. We could regale you with stories of how much time we saved people when they customized their branding once and had it instantly applied across their landing pages, events, emails, and newsletters. We might even mention how awesome it is to be able to DM your people on any channel, all from one place.

We could do all that, and yeah sure, okay, maybe we just did. Fair point. But here’s the rub:

Norby isn’t just a bunch of features and it’s not just another tool in your kit. It doesn’t just help you get more followers — because you know what’s better than more followers? Followers you can take with you. Followers you can reach when you need to — instead of when the platforms let you.

Those relationships are at the heart of what you do. They’re the lifeblood of your business. So isn’t it time you stopped renting them from big tech companies?

The People Platform

Norby transforms your audience from a number on your profile into relationships you control. It helps you get to know your followers, customers, and community members, and gives you the power to reach them without the Algorithm getting in the way.

Norby is a people platform. Or rather, it’s your platform for your people, because you deserve better than getting lost in an infinite scrolling feed.

Claim your Norby — and reclaim your audience from big tech.

Oh, and you don’t have to just take our word for it:

“Similar offerings were just plain ugly and limiting, with most functionality being gated by higher tier (and super costly) monthly subscriptions. Norby gave us design freedom and enabled us to create a link in bio that is not only seamless with our branding, but full of functionality. It’s like a little website that’s nimble, pretty, and lightning-fast to deploy (so like, 10000x better than any website ever). We’ve more than doubled the CTR to our website the past 6 months and our sales via social referrals have grown and on product launch days we’ve been able to 10x our reach through the SMS campaign alerts feature.. - Leah Gossart, HarperSage

By using Norby’s events suite SGC were able to significantly streamline our programming processes, shaving off about 10 hours of work. Those seeking to book a Soul Session are now able to view month-long therapy session availability, receive customized text message notifications and reminders. On the backend our team can capture important data that helps track impact and build relationships. Plus the newsletter capture on our landing page has helped us grow our email list, a major communication tool we have.” – Elyse Fox, Sad Girls Club 

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Team Norby
Team Norby

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